How to open my own shell (sqlplus inside Toad)

Toad last version...even all others are involved.
If I have defined:
this always opened sqlplus in "classic" command prompt.
I have replacement for command prompt (Conemu2). I have replaced cmd with this shell in registry but when Toad start sqlplus it runs in old, classic command prompt and not in Conemu2.
How to achieve that it sqlplus opens in Conemu2 command prompt, as it default in my system?

Toad just calls sqlplus.exe using the windows ShellExecute API command. I don't know if there is something you can do to make it launch within Conemu2.

If you double-click sqlplus.exe from windows explorer, it probably does the same thing.

Ok clear.
How may parameters you are sending to sqlplus?
I want to make call of my own in .cmd script.

2 parameters. Connect string and file to execute.

THX that is all i need