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how to prevent ` backtick from being added to text exported to Excel Instance

I’m QA so I just use Toad to get data to verify in my tests

I have a query that I export to a spreadsheet using the Export to Excel Instance. after putting in lots of formulas to perform calculations after i then verify that my calculated column = the value exported from Toad.

I added this to my toad query thinking it would add the formula automatically to verify the two columns are the same but the formula in that column has a before it so I have to edit the cell to remove that before it can be used as an actual formula.


How can I prevent the export from adding that backtick?



Figured it out.

On the Export Data screen, I had to uncheck: Treat string fields as strings

I tried something like:

select ‘=OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN(),4)),0,-1,1,1)=OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN(),4)),0,-2,1,1)’ Validate_Rslt from dual;

And then, export result to Excel instance (previously open blank Excel instance).

I get “REF!” error what seems to be correct formula but with wrong parts.

Maybe this helps you.


Google translate could not tell me what is “backtick”


The official character name appears to be REVERSED PRIME (`) (and it’s cousin(sibling?) is PRIME (’) aka tick. Windows probably uses grave and acute accents though. Backtick is a nickname and I think comes from the Unix word where everything is shortened for efficiency. \ is “whack” ! is bang. * is splat. Etc.

Hope this helps you Damir.