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Replace character

Hi Everyone,

When i copy my table name from Excel or Word to Toad, Toad replace '_' by '?' in the name.


And How do you do keeps the character as it is.

I'm pleasure.

Hi Eric,

this sounds remarkably like Word and/or Excel are using a UTF8/Unicode character set while the one you are using in Toad isn't. I often find people copy and paste quoted strings from Word/Excel into Toad (or even SQL*plus) and get all sorts of errors when we attempt to run the code.

Word is configured by default to swap all double and single quotes for so called "smart" quotes, and these are not acceptable to Oracle, regardless of the client application.

So, I suspect your problem is similar. The character used for the underscore in Word/Excel is not identical to the one used in your client font in Toad.

Have a look in View->Toad Options->Editor->Font and Styling to see which font you are using in the editor.

EDIT: In my Toad, the "default" font is "Comic Sans MS" which is the font in use in the editor. Actually, I lied! It's "Courier New" and that has no problems with underscores copied from Word of Excel.


Norm. [TeamT]

Hi, i dont have this option. I use version

That's quite old. I can't remember back to where that version sets the font in the editor, sorry. try a search for "font" in the View->Options dialogue. It will be at the bottom, I think. Once you get a list of all the options which include "font", double click each one to go to that place, and check if it's the correct place.

Good luck.

Norm. [TeamT]

Excuse me, the replacement of the characters is done when i change my schema in drop box list. In the section Filter, my table name change. Do you understand.

Are you in the schema browser?

If so, are you using tree view or drop downs? Is the table name in the filter box for the table names (object names) perhaps? This is mine, I use drop downs:


When I pasted the table name in from Word, it doesn't change when I change the selected user in the Users' drop down.

Was that what you meant?

Norm. [TeamT]

If the table already exists in the database with a non-standard underscore character, you might want to rename it.

Regarding fonts, In 11.6, we used the MS Shell DLG 2 font in the schema browser, which maps to a font defined in windows.

The actual mappings are stored in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\FontSubstitutes.