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How to reduce the white space between bars in a Gantt chart

Please can someone tell me how I can reduce the white space between the bars of a Gantt chart.

I have been able to reduce the bar thickness, but can’t find the configuration setting in the chart wizard to move things closer together.

Thank you in advance.


The chart is designed to evenly map the series value to a panel. The only thing I see to play with is the padding above and below the graph in the panel. By adding padding it will make the space smaller and thereby lessen the space between the bars. Hope that helps.

Thanks Debbie,

I tried changing the [Top;Bottom] values but no change…

So I reduced the height of the gantt chart and that reduced the white space between the bars.

Could not see a ‘can grow’ configuration on the chart so don’t know what will happen when a greater quantity of projects are being displayed.

Thank again for your help.