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How to restrict Qty of characters displayed in report text descriptions

Is there a way of setting a limit to the quantity of characters or rows of text displayed in a report field?

I want to allow fields to grow down if more than one row, but set a limit to a maximum of five rows.

Otherwise the gantt chart I have at the bottom of the page is truncated.

Thank you in advance.


Hello David,
can you post here a pic so I can see your question clearly?


If you use a RichText control instead of a label, you can set it to CanGrow = false and then set the exact size of the container. It will not go beyond that size.


Can one of the cells of a table control be configured in this way?

Or would I have to drop a RTF control inside a table cell for this to work?

Thank you in advance.


That I am not sure about. When you use a table each field is a cell of table. You don’t seem to have a choice of label vs memo here. I would play around with the CanGrow, Multipline, and Lines properties in the PropertyGrid.