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How to see packages in TOAD 11.5?

Hi everybody, I’m having an extrange problem…

I’ve installed on my computer TOAD 10.1.8, and normally I can explore a package using F4. I’ve installed to TOAD, and I CAN’T SEE THE SAME PACKAGE!!!
I want to clear that I’m not newbe, I check the connection, schema, sintax, I check everything. I see it with partners and we cant discover what it is happening.

I don’t understand why…

If anybody help me… THANKS!!!

You can’t see it at all or you can’t see the body source?

If you have privileges to select from the DBA_ views, make sure that Options -> Startup -> “Check for access to DBA views” is checked.

No, I see a toad error: object xxx not found!!!

I tried to reproduce this but I’m not having much luck. Here is what I did, using Toad 11.5 and a 10gR2 database.

create user low_priv identified by low_priv;

grant create session to low_priv;

grant execute on some_package to low_priv;

then I logged out from the dba account, and logged in as low_priv. I went to the editor, typed in some_package, then F4’d on it and the describe dialog appeared.

Let me know if you’re doing something different. I’ll be happy to repeat this on a different version of Oracle if you let me know which one you are using.