How to specify an IDENTITY attribute in logical model

Is there a way to describe an attribute in the logical model that would result in it being tagged as an IDENTITY column in the physical model?

We’re in the early stages of building a DB from scratch. Because of this, we keep returning to the logical model to add new tables and relationships, then regenerate the physcial design before uploading the DDL to the server. Two things that are annoying my about this are

  1. The DDL doesn’t generate DROP TABLE statements so I mush manually drop the tables (or recreate the DB) every iteration and

  2. I must re-visit each SAPK and re-tag it as an IDENTITY column (SQL Server) before generating the DDL.


Let me reply.

  1. Please open the DDL Script Generation dialog | What to Generate tab | at the Entities item click the Extended Value column | now you can select from the combo-box Create, Drop or Drop and Create.

Tip - you can save the Drop settings as a new OTP. Please see the movie on this issue:

(Remember to click Save Settings then.)

  1. Our developers have solution for you - a new user package that adds Identity option to your LER model, so you will be able to define it there.
    You can download the package from:
    Instructions are included.

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + Daril