Suggestion for the DDL generation dialog

It would be nice if the user can save the settings in the DDL generation dialog under specific names.

For instance, I would have a name create_tables where I selected create tables, primary keys etc.

Another name would be drop_tables where I select the drop tables checkbox.

Another example would be a name under which I selected only certain tables to generate.

There are a lot of settings in that dialog and it is very painful to go through each and one of them every time you want to generate something. I know you have the Save Settings button but I don’t think it is enough. You need to allow the user to save different settings under different names. And maybe it would not be a bad idea to make these settings exportable to an xml file or something so two users can share them.

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Hello Costa,

Yes, this would be great, and yes, this is planned for the future.
(This request has already been raised. CR # 36 513.)

Another option besides the Save Settings option:
Please see the latest Beta version 3.1.6 and the new feature Object Types and Properties (OTPs).
In the DDL Script Generator, General tab, you can see the list of OTPs. If you enable Expert Mode, you will be able to create several OTPs. For each, you can define particular selection. Then you will be able to select particular OTP for script generation (Expert Mode still enabled).
This might help you for now.

This issue is documented in detail in this movie:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.