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How to view spatial data as columns in data grid


I’m running TOAD DBA module 12.6. I just started working with spatial data…which is confusing as heck in it’s self, but when I view in TOAD, it’s one column (SHAPE), with a ton of commans and parenthesis as it’s output. When I shared screen with a co-worker using pl/sql developer, he had all the spatial data split out in columns…as SHAPE..

Is there a configuration I need to change in TOAD to make it show me the same way? Is there an add on or something else I need to download and install into TOAD to make it work?


If you download the beta, I think you’ll see what you’re looking for. In the meantime, double-click on the column and you’ll get a popup window that splits it out.

Thanks for the double click idea. that works great. But I will also look into the beta!