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i want to delete 250000 record from oracle database using toad

Am using toad application. version9.7.2.5.

I have more than 50,00,000 records in XXX table

i need to delete 2,50,000 records from XXX table by using toad

In XXX table, unique constrain in mobile number.

So, help me i this scenario.

Hi Vimalesh,

Deleting rows from a database is not strictly a Toad function. Your question would be better asked in the Oracle Forum at

When asking your question in that forum, it’s a good idea to give more information like Oracle environment/version, table size, business restrictions (e.g. no downtime), etc., in order for others to best help you.

Good luck!

p.s. You might want to consider upgrading your version of Toad, if possible! :slight_smile: