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Toad doesn’t have a limit in how many records you can insert.

Your insert statement is wrong. It should be like this:

Insert into ABC (ID) Values (‘A1234’);

Insert into ABC (ID) Values (‘B1231’);

Insert into ABC (ID) Values (‘c213456’);



If your data is in a text file or excel file, take a look at Toad’s data import wizard. Right-click on the table in the Schema Browser, and choose “Import

It will be much faster than individual insert statements.

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Subject: [Toad for Oracle - Discussion Forum] Issue with

Issue with

Thread created by abraham30

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I have created one temporary table where I want to insert 20000 records. But the problem with Toad is that it does not support more than 700 records. Is there any way
to solve alternatively.

I have also used import procedure to insert records directly into the table. But for 1500 records, it tooks 1 hour time for insertion.

Can anyone help me simplest procedure .

My table

create table ABC (ID varchar2(10));

Insert into ABC values(‘A1234’, ‘B1231’, ‘c213456’, ‘D1200’,--------------------etc…)

Advance thanks for your help

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Thanks John.