Identity to Sequence

I have read what I could find about this. I have It says that SQL to Oracle should take Identity and create a sequence when doing PER to PER. I do not see this occurring. Did it make it into the final release? Is there a trick to getting it to work?

An earlier post said to use a package - ConvertORMS.txg. But it was for a previous release of TDM. The placement instructions were incorrect, and TDM would not load, complaining about a package conflict.


user defined packages must be deleted before installation of newer version, because they have higher priority than system packages. That means, if you install user package and then upgrade to the latest version, the old user package will overwrite new system package.

Please send us your model or sample model to and write us target database version. We will test it on your model.

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This was a new install of TDM. I tried to place the package, it failed due to a conflict, so it was removed. This is a clean install.

I have sent a very simple model to the Email address. It is for SQL Server 2005, containing one table that uses an IDENTITY. When I do a simple conversion of this to Oracle10g, there is no sequence. Everything is checked - I am changing none of the settings.


Thanks for your notification. Yes, we confirm there is a problem during MS SQL conversion to Oracle (when you convert back, it works fine).
We tested this issue in current Beta version 3.6.2 and it works fine there.
So, please feel free to use Beta.
It will work properly in next full version.

Thanks very much.

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