import excel file

How do I import an excel file into TOAD? I am on version Thanks.

  1. Go to the Schema Browser

  2. Find the table that you want to import into. RIght-click it and choose “Import data”

  3. A wizard will guide you through the rest of the process.

For fastest import, check “Use Array DML” on the last step.

I don’t have a table I want to import it into. Do I have to create one?

Yes. If your excel file has column names in the first row, the create table wizard can help you pull the column names and datatypes from the Excel file. Go to Database -> Create -> Table. Then click “Load cols from file” at the bottom. Make whatever adjustments are needed after that and click OK to create the table. Then you can follow the steps from my first reply.

It keeps on saying “Duplicate column names are not allowed.” when I’m trying to create the table with the “Load cols from file”. There are no duplicates though.

Make sure that the list of columns on the create table dialog is empty before you click “Load Cols from File”.

Then if you still get that error, there should be one column in the create table dialog after that - this is the one that it found a duplicate on.

If the column name is blank - then there is a column without a heading in the excel file.

If the column name is not blank, then there must be two by that name. (Note that spaces and other characters not allowed in table names will be converted to underscores…so if you had “COLUMN 1” and “COLUMN_1” in your excel file, then both would come into your table as COLUMN_1, and that would be a duplicate.

If you don’t see the problem, send your excel file to me at and I’ll take a look. Feel free to delete the data out of it (except column headers!) if it’s confidential.

I got it to work and imported file. Thank you for all the help.

You’re welcome. I’m changing that error message for the next version to tell you the duplicate column name and which position it is found in the source file, so you won’t have to hunt for it.

I'm new so please bare with me! I'm on version version of Toad for SQL Server. I can not find the Schema Brower in the app?


Please post in the Toad for SS forum. This one is Toad for Oracle. They are totally separate products with totally separate teams. Toad for SQL Server - Toad World® Forums


Sorry about that!