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Import files using Date Range of "Last week"

I am trying to utilize the last week option on the date range of the file import settings. This function will pickup the correct files on the date I setup the import wizard but the next day it not dynamically adjust to to include additional days. I am attempting to automate a process where it will pick up files to upload from the last 7 days and dynamically change those dates so that it will get new files when they are placed in a folder. Is there a way to accomplish this?

This is on Toad Data Point

Unfortunately, the last week, last month options are not dynamic, they are calculated based on the time when you create your template. To workaround it, try adding steps to move/delete file to a designated folder for import to pick up.

In other words, don’t use a date range. Import all files fitting the filter mask that are in the folder. When you are done processing the files move them to another folder (with a name like ArchiveFiles). Then anthing in the folder after that has to be new (unprocessed). If you already processed some of the files in the folder or have older ones that you don’t want to process, clean up the folder and move those files out first. This is cleaner, neater and simpler than a dynamic date range. If you really want to do a dynamic date range, you can, but it will involve more steps, sql variables and a loop. Toad can do almost anything but I would stick with Kiki’s suggestion, if it is in the folder process it, if it is not in the folder it has already been processed, keep it simple.