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Import from Excel does not respect NotNull attribute property

i have a problem with importing new attributes from an Excel. It seems like the NotNull column is not evaluated when importing the attribute. The only way I can get a not nullable attribute is marking it as Key Attribute.
I had a short look into the scripts but couldn't find the code for evaluating this property. An other thing could be, that my Excel Language is German so i have not True and False but Wahr and Falsch. But as mentioned for the Key Column this works.
Do you have any ideas what could be the Problem?

Hi jub,

the cells are intentionally locked for the Primary Key and Not Null properties.
It is not possible to change the values.
Currently, this behavior is correct for TDM.


Hi Petr,

thank you for your fast answer.

I did't understand that the lock is also intentional for new attributes. At least for the Primary Key the lock is not hindering that the value is set in the model.

However kind regards