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Import Multiple Data Tables t Toad Oracle at Once

How can I import multiple data tables from an access database at once in toad oracle.

Right now I have a query that I run that drops yesterdays tables and then I create new tables. Then I go into import, table data and I have to select each table from my database manually. This is time consuming, is there anyway to import all tables at once? Thanks

At the very bottom of the Database->Import->Import Table Data screen there are a couple of buttons. The left most is to create a snapshot and looks like a camera. The one next to it, which doesn’t look like anything I recognise (!) has the tooltip “Schedule Action”. I’m pretty certain that you can set up the details of the table(s) you want to import into and then schedule it all as an action.

I don’t have or use Access for any reason, far less to feed data into Oracle, so I’m not able to work through the example to see that it works, but you may get an idea of how to automate the task through the Windows scheduler using the afore mentioned button.

Good luck.