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Import Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler data model into Toad Data Modeler v6.3

We were authorized to purchase a data modelling tool, & Toad was selected.

There are a number of existing data models created with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler we’d like to import into Toad.

An earlier blog, over 6 years ago, discusses importing Power Designer data models into Toad, but I didn’t see any other modelling tool discussed.

The Toad installation on my workstation displays the following File --> Import options:

Toad for Oracle projects, Toad for Oracle ERD, ER/Studio Data Architect, Import from Excel, & Import from CSV.

Am I missing features, or is importing from Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler into Toad not possible? There is significant existing content.


Unfortunately there are not function to import model from Oracle SQL Developer to Toad Data Modeler in current version.


Good morning, Daril.

Alas & alack! Was hoping for a different reply. Soooo . . . Any suggestions on how to migrate from Oracle SQL Developer to Toad Data Modeler v6.3?

Will this be addressed in a later version of Toad Data Modeler?

Thank you for your speedy response.


Hello J,

Physical information are ease to transfer to TDM, you need only do RE from DB or from SQL Create Script. Next step are logical information as model layout, captions, descriptions and others. I’m not familiar with format of Oracle SQL Developer, but TDM has more capabilities how import this data to model.

  1. Scripting - Toad Data Modeler can be called from JScript and you are able write script to modify many properties of it.

  2. Modify Model file - Model File is in XML format, so you can simple insert this information to it.

  3. Import From Excel - This choice is not for layout, but you can use it for caption and description.

So problem is how to read information from Oracle SQL Developer.

Import from Oracle SQL Developer is not planned for next version 6.4. Maybe it could be in some next release (before it we need to do some analyze to specify feasibility).


Good morning again, Daril.

Came across this link in another thread, Import Models,

Will create a very small ERD in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler & try to adapt the scripting to import my test ERD into Toad Data Modeler v6.3.

Much obliged for your assistance!



if you will have any concrete question how set property in TDM don’t hesitate to contact me.