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Import template works separately but not within an automated script

I am using TDP 4.2. I am in a learning mode for 4.2 vice previous version 3.8. I have an automated script pulling data from a Sybase database. One import module of the automated process keeps crashing TDP and I have to close the application. All other modules within the same automated script work against the Sybase database. I created a new automated process with just the one trouble module and still have the same problem. However, if I right click the import template directly within the Project Manager (with the exact same connection as the automated script) and execute the import template, it works as it should. I am using the exact same connection and import template in the automated script. Appreciate any possible trouble shooting since TDP is not providing any specific error or corrective action.


hi daniel.gunter_828,

Are you using 4.2 or the ugpraded 4.2.1 version?

Also please note that the automation script itself has the “Settings” activity on top which contains LogDir path and LogLevel dropdown. Could you please change the LogLevel from Basic to Verbose and send the .log file created after it crashes?

Also Below is folder path to some other log files from toad:

c:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.2\

c:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.2.1\

Could you please rerun the process to simulate the error, note that the date, time and timezone when it crashed and then send me all *.log files from the above folder and the noted time stamps? I should be able to at least explain what kind of error was that - maybe it wont help but this is the quickest troubleshooting that can be performed here.

Also sending me the automation script file (.tas) with the import template (.tim) and any source files that you try to import (csv? excel?) would help with diagnostics.

You can send it directly to me:

Or maybe you can try the latest 4.3 version to see whether the problem disappears afterwards.