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Toad Data Point File Import Issue

We have exported data to a file using a pipe delimiter. The file is formatted correctly. There are no dupes and the table that it is being imported into has a unique key.

TDP cannot import the file and is erring on every row. If we import it through another system it imports into the same table without a hitch. We have the logs in verbose mode, but the only thing they can tell us is that it's erring on every row.

How can we troubleshoot something like this given that the delimiter encounters no errors when the import wizard is configured?

I just now ran a quick test

  • Exported table to pipe-delimited text file
  • Created clone of the table
  • Imported pipe file to empty clone

and cannot reproduce any error conditions.

More details may be needed, or might be best to pass this one to our Support team.

We have attempted to load a csv file generated by TDP into an existing table and then a new table built by TDP and both fail. It's a mystery what is happening because we have numerous processes that import from file. The wizard recognizes the file format and it completes without issue. However TDP cannot get the file it generates into any table. We've tried pipe-delim, comma-delim with double quotes, nothing works.

What did work is we had to build a completely fresh import wizard and run it by itself. It seems that TDP caches old info despite what we see when we edit processes. The original import process was updated and edited and the obj cache in TDP has proven to not let go of old information. Most of the time this kind of issue occurs it requires scrapping things and rebuilding them. Editing seems to be very touchy even though we have caching disabled.