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Import Wizard and #temporary table


I’m using Import Wizard to create a table from a text file or Result set from a query. It works fine.

Now I have to use it against ‘read-only’ database e.g. db1. I could create temp table in this database like #table1 or ##table2 when I run it using ‘Select’ statement BUT I have an issue using Wizard.

In Import Wizard when I want to create a table … in case I provide a new for table like #table1 it failed to create. Than when I provide ##table1 it successfully create ##table1 and I see in event log that table db1.dbo.##table1 was created.

BUT the problem is that I can’t find and use it :slight_smile:

My question: is it designed that way i.e. it existed only in the session while it was created but I can’t use it from another session … in other words I can’t use temporary tables in Import Wizard?



Thank you very much for your posting. We think this is bug in Toad. ##table as a global temporary table should be readable. I create TSS-1302 to log this.

Thanks again,


Kelly, will I be notified of activity on TSS-1302 and how could I trace it myself?