Is it possible to import data into a temp table?

I frequently use the “Import a data file into a table” wizard for importing excel tables to quick one off analysis. When I do this, I just create a table in my sandbox environment. Is there wa way to instead use this wizard to import into a #temp table instead?

We don’t support import into a temp table right now. I’ve submit an enhancement request QAT-6794 for it.

Could you please let us know what database platform you are using. Thanks

SQL Server 2008 R2.

One thing you may want to try is using the Excel spreadsheet as a data source. You can make a connection to the Excel spreadsheet and it will treat each tab as a table. You can then do a cross connection query to SQL Server. Depending on the size of what you are doing this will either work very well or it might be incredibly slow. I have not found the performance of cross connection queries to be very good. You may find two queries faster. Do a cross connection query to load the spreadsheet data into a temp table followed by your regular query using that temp table. Good luck!

Yea, i have toyed with this, but creating a new data connection, and then deleting it when done is more cumbersome than uploading to table and then dropping the table.

To support creating a temp table would be difficult. The reason is we use multiple connections in Toad. When importing we use a couple of connections and then close them. We currently do not have a way to set the SQL editor to the same connection that created the temp table. For session level temp tables you would need to use the same session.

Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks for investigating.