**Important Message about Today's Beta Release**

Valued Beta Users,

We have been informed by management that our next release of Toad will be versioned as 14.1 rather than 15.0.

As you all know, 15.0 is already being beta tested. For users running 15.0 beta, there is no way to downgrade to 14.1. Therefore, we are asking everyone to uninstall 15.0 beta before installing 14.1 beta, which will be released shortly. If 15.0 is on your machine when you try to install 14.1, you will receive a message upon launching the installer that a newer version of Toad for Oracle exists.

If you would like to preserve your current beta settings/user files, we recommend exporting them before uninstalling 15.0 and then importing them back after 14.1 installation. Importing/Exporting of user files can be done via Utilities > Copy User Settings.

Thanks for your understanding,
Toad Team