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Importing ErWin 7.1 models


I am new to TDM and would like to know if there are any add-ins that ssupport importing of ErWin 7.1 models ito TDM v4.1.

All the links / posts I have been able to find so far are all add-ins to outdated versions of ErWin and/or TDM.

I would have just searched this forum for a similar post, I cannot see a search feature(!?) on this forum.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry - I did see the search feature, and my search revelealed a link to TDM v3.3. I’m looking for TDM v4.1, and with use for SQL Server 2008 R2

I was sent this link by Quest Sales :

However, I get a message saying “Unsupported database”. I am guessing that this is because the original model in ErWin was created for SQL Server 2008 R2. How do I go about importing my ErWin model created for SQL 2008 R2 ?


import feature for ERWin models created for MS SQL Server 2008 is not available. The only way how to import ERWin models into TDM is via Toad Data Modeler version 2.25 (no longer supported, but support engineers may help you to get trial version).

Possible solution:

  1. Convert your ERWin model to MSSSQL 2000 (data related to MSSQL2008 will be lost)
  2. Export the model to XML
  3. Get TDM 2.25 and import the ERWin model for SQL Sever 2000.
  4. Save model in TDM 2.25 and open the model in TDM 4.1
  5. Convert the model to MS SQL Server 2008 in TDM 4.1
  6. Reverse engineer your database and do model merge to load SQL Server 2008 specifics.

Another way is the following:

  1. Reverse enginer SQL Server 2008 database
  2. Load data from XML this way:



Thanks Vaclav. I am presently evaluating the product and I will take this fact into consideration(That I cannot convert my models directly and / or without loss of data / effort).

I understand. Unfortunately there is no XSD/DTD for ERWin XML files and the structure changed even between ERWin minor releases.

Toad Data Modeler has no restrictions related to XML. We offer full XSD for each model type/model version and we also offer simplified XML output. If others offered the same, import would be easier.