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Import Erwin Model into TDM3.5

I have just installed TDM and need to import a number of models already created in Erwin Firstly, I am not sure whether you should be able to import directly from the Erwin .ER file or should I forward engineer out of Erwin into some other format. Secondly, I cannot see any option in TDM for importing a Erwin file. The import option lets me select a connection to a database or to import a DDL file but no erwin option.

I have been told that you sould be able to import Erwin files but can’t see how. Can anybody help?


Import ERwin models into TDM is possible, however only import of ERwin 7.1 XML files of Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i database.
For this purpose the following packages are necessary:
There are instructions in the PDF file.

Other ERwin import is not supported. I’m sorry.



Is there a Way to import Erwin 9.5 model into TDM 6.1 ?


unfortunately there is no possible import Erwin models 9.5. to Toad Data Modeler. Only for version 7.1 has been implemented this feature. Erwin very often change file format and it is not compatible.


Hi, thank you for your quick response, what would be the steps for Erwin 7.1 ? Thank you, rod

Hi Rod,

this feature is very old and obsoleted. It was designed for version TDM 3.3. You can see

I Tested now this with version 6.1. It works with some smaller issues and Restrictions.

Restriction: Import XML Erwin model format, it works for Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g only.

  1. You need load four packages from package explorer “Add Existing Package” toolbar.

  2. When you doing RE of Erwin on Options step occurs bug. You can choose Ignore and click to next (No settings for Erwin import will be available).

  3. After import Erwin Model run Repair model functionality from popup menu of model.