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Inconsistent formatting of comment blocks


I’m currently on Toad

While formatting a long script, I noticed some inconsistencies in the formatted code.
Please see attachment for details.

Issue #1: in between two successive comment blocks, a blank separator line is inserted
on line 5, but not on lines 126, 300, etc. Only the first double block gets an additional blank line.

Issue #2: between a block of code and the next comment block a blank line is normally inserted
but not on all occasions. E.g. line 6057/6058 are not separated, whereas 6031/6033 have
been separated by a single intervening blank line.

Issue #3: An invocation of another script followed by a double-dash comment has the two dashes
separated by a single intervening space. See e.g. line 32.

Could you please fix these issues?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis


Hi Abe,

Thank you for this valuable feedback.

Comment formatting is currently not optimal, as we all know. The actual code is fairly old and has to be fixed or rewritten. This means a few weeks of work which I’ll try to insert rather early in the stack of near future planned work.



thanks for the feedback. It’s ok if it takes some time. There’s no hurry.


Proposal for new options:

AS alignment options:

  • none, output it immediately after the item

  • fixed offset relative to left hand margin

  • fixed offset relative to shortest item

  • fixed offset relative to largest item
    When AS cannot be aligned, then…

  • stay on same line and output next to the item

  • wrap onto new line, keep alignment

  • wrap onto new line, indent relative to left hand margin
    Did I forget some?