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Inconvenience: Vertical scrollbar in the SQL editor jumps back to top after navigating back to editor tab

What I mean is:

  1. I execute some SQL.
  2. Click the “Single Row View” in the data grid window.
  3. Scroll down the vertical scrollbar.
  4. Go to some other tab.
  5. Come back to the previous tab.
  6. The Scrollbar position is - back to top :frowning:

Maybe this is a bug?


Martin, you are right. This is a bug. SQLNAV-1642 is now created for this.



Looks like it’s the same issue reproted in:…/20034.aspx

Hi Martin,

The first 7.2 beta of SQL Navigator is finally available (expires on 25-Dec-2014)

defect SQLNAV-1642 has been fixed.

Find download links from:…/default.aspx