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Navgator 6.2 active code line jumps to the top of the editor


Is it possible to switch of the feature that active code line jumps to the top of the sql editor after executing the statement.
also the cursor jumps to the next line




Hi sky_It,

In previous version, the current query sometimes was out of focus or hidden behind the data grid. That’s why we made it so that the current query always stay on top of the screen.

We have a known issue where customer complains that the selected query is not selected after executing. I beliebe fixing this problem will also fix the problem with the cursor moves to the next line.



Hi Gwen,

I also have the same thing that sometimes the selected query is not selected after execution ant the focus “jumps” to the bottom of the screen.

I think the focus should always stay in that possition in which the user executed it.
That is the how most developers work (toad, sql developer. pl/sql developer).


We’re aware of this issue and it will be fixed in 6.2.1.



Just one note, it is nice to have the cursor in the bottom grid so arrow keys can be used right away. F5 will execute the last query for a refresh, the only time F9 needs pushed again is if the query was changed.

This is only my opinion and if everyone else feels the focus should remain in the top window I am ok with that.


There is a preference that allows this behaviour. Untick Code Editor > SQL Scripts > Cursor focus stays in the SQL query after single execution.