incorrect syntax hilighting


I'm currently on Toad for Oracle

Since recently I've been having problems with existing sources for a.o. triggers: blank lines in the declaration section are causing compiles to fail. Also, these blank lines are marked invalid by Toad. My DBA assures me there have been no recent fixes.

So I retried using Toad 12.8 - no problem at all, compiles just fine with the blank lines in place.

Please see attachment for a screen shot of the showing syntax error after first blank line in declaration section of trigger:

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Abe, this is a bug with a new option for 12.9. If you disable the “Treat blank line as statement terminator” option on the Execute/Compile page in Options it will behave as 12.8 did.



thanks for the update.


This is fixed for next beta.

Ok, thanks, I’m glad you’ve fixed it.