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Increase allocation on a DMS table


We have a report that identifies which database managed system tablespaces are in need of extending (for us that is when the get below 30% free space). This morning I used Toad to extend one of these tablespaces. To do this I did the following steps:

  1. In the database go to tablespaces tab and select and right click on the offending tablespace.
  2. Select Space Management/Identify Exceptions. This brings up a report that includes free space % which was at 28%.
  3. Right click on the tablespace and select alter and then use this process to resize the tablespace.

Everything was good up to here. The script to resize the tablespace worked just fine. But when I got back out to the tablespace level and did Space Management/Identify Exceptions expecting to see the new allocations it was the old allocations. I tried “Refresh Item” on the tablespace level to no avail. The ONLY thing I could figure out was to disconnect and reconnect to the database. Am I doing something wrong here?


Jim -

There is an existing open CR (72,413) that may be the cause of this issue. The values in the Database Browser are not getting refreshed properly for some objects when doing a ‘Refresh Item’, or pressing F5, from the browser.

I have a couple things you could try:

  • after resizing the tablespace, do a “shift-F5” from the browser, and then invoke Identify Exceptions.
  • after resizing, invoke Identify Exceptions, and then press F5 to refresh from there.
  • disable caching (from the Toad menu, Tools->Options->Database->Cache).

Let me know if that corrects the problem for you.