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Toad x32 - Administer tablespaces performance issue

Toad x32 - Administer tablespaces performance issue - taking 15 mins to display tablespace details while connecting to DB

When it does come up, is "Use DBA_LMT_FREE_SPACE" checked?

If not, check it and try again.

It loads much faster with that box checked, but counts objects in the recycle bin as "used" space.

Great advice John... checking the box to use DBA_LMT_FREE_SPACE certainly loaded space info faster in my Toad, thanks for sharing.

BTW, if you continue to have issues, there's a way to identify what SQL behind the scenes Toad is spending the most time on. Before you bring up the tablespace info, try this:

  • Select Database->Spool SQL to toggle on SQL Spooling (e.g. To the Screen)
    You will see the Spool SQL tab in the Output Panel
  • Make sure to check "Elapsed Time" via the Spool Options icon
  • Select Administration->Tablespaces
  • Check the Spool SQL tab to see which SQL might be the problem query

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Thanks a lot, John. Its working faster now.

Thanks, Gary. I will follow your suggestion if it happens next time.

in such a cases (when some ordinary sys call takes to long) i would always check dictionary stats as well as fixed objects stats.
i am almost certain either you do not have or it is obsolete.