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Index out of bounds for last day of every month

Hello, I'm trying to automate a report in Toad but when I schedule it in the jobs manager, it won't let me set the date to "last day of every month". I get an "index out of bounds" error. Scheduling it daily,weekly or even 1st day of every month returns no errors. Any idea what could be the issue?

I recall users having similar issues with a past release of Toad/SQL Server, but that was a while back. Just trying some quick tests, I can't reproduce with the latest 7.1.2 version... if not on the latest version, please re-test... otherwise, would strongly suggest bringing this up to our Support team.

@Gary.Jerep Thanks Gary, my version is

Hi Alex,
this is a forum for Toad for SQL Server.
Toad for MySQL is not offered anymore and not supported. Quest is now offering an alternative Toad Edge for MySQL or if you want to keep using the Automation feature then you should try out our Toad Data Point.