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Index Tab

Is there a way for the index tab on an entity to show in addition to explicitly created indexes,

  1. indexes that would be created for foreign keys if the checkbox to create the index has been checked

  2. indexes that will be created for primary and alternate keys?

It would also be nice to indicate for the key/fk indexes the value specified in the USING INDEX clause if filled in.


We plan to change the way indexes are crated for foreign keys. The indexes should be added/generated to model, not only database. When the indexes are generated to model, it will be easier to do synchronization tasks. This request is registered as issue TDM-24.

Indexes that database creates cannot be added to the database model.

In general, you can generate the script, create database physically and then use Sync and Convert wizard to synchronize model and database.


Vladka + TDM Team

Oh, OK. That would make sense. When do you think that change will be available?


I’m sorry, I’m not able to tell you when exactly. Maybe v. 5.3 or 5.4 but cannot promise.

In any case, when it’s resolved, it will be listed in the Release Notes doc under TDM-24.