Installation on Windows 7 error /guide for Vista not working/

I have tried to install Toad Data Modeler on Windows 7 Professional 32bit. However installation fails with error which was possible to see also on Vista - Installation success or error status: 1603.

Problem is that sollutions mentioned here before - login as system admin to command line and execute 'regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\vbscript.dll’ doesn’t work anymore. After executing this command I can see it’s execution was successfull, however installation is still failing. With same error.

Any other suggestions for Windows 7 installation?

log.txt (87.2 KB)

Hi Jirka,

Firstly, let me note that TDM is not officially supported on Windows 7, therefore it’s not tested on this OS.
Anyway, we are able to install TDM on Windows 7 under an admin account without any problems, so it should work fine. Unfortunately, we don’t have resources and time to further deal with this problem. So, I’m afraid, we can’t help.

Does anybody on the community have experience and could help?


Vladka + TDM Team


Just a quick update:
Next version of TDM, v. 3.5.x will officially support Windows 7 – 32 bit and 64 bit.

Note: You’re using freeware. The upcoming freeware will not include support of this OS. The upcoming freeware 3.4.16 will be valid to 20 May.