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Interface program labels

First post.

I usually have several instances of TOAD running at the same time. I am running from Windows Server 2012. My taskbar groups all of the icons for TOAD together. When I mouse over the TOAD icon on the taskbar, several small icon pop up for each database I have running. The mouse over icons do not tell me which database I am looking at, all I see is “TOAD for SQL Server - [XX”. Is there a way to show the database name in the header instead of “TOAD for SQL Server”?

Here is a link to help explain.

Thank you.


I am very sorry we can’t see database name directly from taskbar,one way you can see the name is from tooltip, when you move the mouse to the small icon window.

The display rule will show Progress name->connected server->databasename, so you can only see the name display in the front.