Toad for Oracle Enhancements: Toad Instance Identification

Could you evaluate this improvement?:

  • Toad instance identification by color and/or name:
    I run multiple instances of Toad and would like to quickly identify each one. I work several projects (Sales, Claims, Accounting, Support, Miscellaneous, etc)

Hola Carlos,

What about this?

and this?

Do you want to see that somewhere else, or are you saying you'd rather see "Sales", etc?

Hello John !
Show "Sales", etc ... in the title bar. It can be to the right or to the left.
You could also put a custom color to the title bar or outline of the toad instance

You can get "Sales" and colors in a lot of places like this:


I see that "Sales" doesn't make it to Toad's title bar when you do this. It probably should.

I'm hesitant to add the color to the title bar. It may be too much for some people. Maybe it should be an option.

The options you mention are for database connections and in a toad instance you can open one or many database sessions.
What I mean is at the instance level of the toad application.'s just a suggestion.

thank you John

Hi Carlos,

Yes, that's true. I thought you only used one connection per instance of Toad, and ran multiple instances instead of multiple connections.

If I did something at the Toad instance level, it's not something that we'd be able to save in settings since normally all copies of Toad use the same settings - then they would all say "Sales" which is not very helpful.

Would it be OK if you have to set it manually every time?


This sounds perfect for Windows Task View. You can make multiple desktops and name them. It was introduced with Windows 10 I believe.

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No problem, thank you very much John !