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Is there a way to connect to unsupported DBMS's


Our data warehouse uses Microsoft PDW. Unfortunately Toad Data Modeler doesn't support this DBMS, so we were wondering if there is a way of connecting to the PDW through any other means. We're wanting to do a fair amount of reverse engineering.
Secondly I noticed from the video that Forward Engineering is done from a DDL script. Is there any way of performing it directly to the DBMS?

there is only way by universal model, but this has only basic functionality. Each DB has some specific, so for good result it need specific queries and structures.
Toad Data Modeler use as output only DDL Script, there is not way how directly run it on DB, but you can run other program (for example Toad for SQL Server) with this script automatically after generation. See Main Menu- Settings-Options-Model-Your DB.

Example for run Toad for Oracle for Oracle DBs