Automated Data Model Generation

Hello Toad exerts.

We do reverse engineer the data model connecting to the database and generate the E-R diagram. As of now we are not using TOAD.

We like to automate the process as much as possible. I have the following questions.

  1. I should be able to use 'Toad Data Modeler' for this purpose. Most likely Yes.

  2. Can I automate this process of connecting to the database and revere engineer the data model from the production database ? Try to eliminate manual mouse clicks.

  3. Can Toad data modeler accepts a DDL scripts as an input and create the data model ?

  4. Does TOAD data modeler has any command in interface ? ( so that we can automate the task and avoid the gui )

Any help will be appreciated.

I recomended to you to read section "Automation" in Help. In this section is all described and there are samples of JScript to do RE automatically. You need just run this script.

  1. Yes you can. TDM can work as COM object so you can call his functionality from JScript.
  2. Yes you can.
  3. It's depended on particular DB type. There are implemented DDL RE for some type of DBs. You can check it in help section Databases->Details of Database Support
    Toad Data Modeler 7.2 - User Guide
  4. The best practice is write Jscript to work with TDM.