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Is there a way to find out why Job started to fail


I have couple of scheduled jobs that all of a sudden start to fail. I either get notified by user that they haven’t received the email or I can see Last Results not being checked on Job Manager. I would like to see if I can get a log of such jobs.


May I ask you what is your TDP version and what operating system do you use?

Information about history of the job (task) can be found in the Task Scheduler. You might need to enable the history if it's disabled.

You can also try to check the Windows Event Log.


Thank you Libor. I am using I have just Enabled the history. Would I see an exact issue description when the job fails. Please advise.


I hope you will find more information there.

Could you please also provide us more information? i.e. Screenshot of the job and the automation script?


I need to see the last run result, last run time, and next run time. The run result is the most important. Usually when you do not get any email it is because the task manager could not even kick the job off. This can happen because your password has expired. Or Toad has been uninstalled. You can configure the task manager to email when this type of error happens. But let's see what occurred first.