Is there any way to prevent accidental modification of entities?

I’m documenting a project DB and I’m producing diagrams and comments only. I understand that in a full data modeling exercise I should have the ability to create new entities, modify attributes, etc. I wish that my entities can be made read-only though, except for the comments. I found on multiple occasions that my wrong mouse moves created new relationships along with corresponding FK attributes.

Is there any way to make my entities read-only, or, at least stop myself from creating new relationships?

Hello DKroot,
I’m little confusing. To Create Relationship user need to Click on Relationship button on Toolbar (or press CTRL+R), click to source Entity and Click to Destination Entity. Even if you still get mistaken, you can use undo. For Freeware version there are only one undo step possible, but for commercial version there are more steps.
There are no way how to set entity as read-only.


Got it, thanks! I believe some of accidental indexes in my model came out of Infer Relationships. I found an option of switching index creation in this case off, so now, when I Infer Relationships no new indexes are created. I was also creating new attributes by accident while commenting on existing attributes. I guess I’ll have to be more careful.