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Issue: Renaming Domain name AND modify domain setting causes empty alters


If I rename a domain name and change the setting (in my case Domain name “VarChar(1024)” to "VarChar(1000); Value “Varchar” length “1024” to "1000). So the alter script wizard detect the change (one attribute has change), but I get an empty alter script. This happens with MS SQL 2005, MySQL 5.0 and Oracle 9i.

Same thing happen, if I create a new Domain “VarChar(1000)”, change my attribute from “VarChar(1024)” to “VarChar(1000)” and delete the old Domain "VarChar(1024).


Hi Berthold,

I tried Oracle 9 models. In general, comparison is based on object names, that’s why when you rename any object, you will not see a modified object (to be updated), but new object (to be created) and old object (to be deleted). For creation of new domains there is no SQL code. If you wish to generate SQL code, you have to check items (attributes) with changed domains. You can use Filter to make batch selection.

Have a nice day,