Generate alter script ignores domains

Hallo !

In our “master” model, we have added domains.
Each attribute in the model has a domain assigend.

When reenginering a (customer’s) database created from that model, this model will have no domains, but all datatypes corresponding to the domains. This is ok.

Then we want to generate an Alter Script (DDL script) of the master model and the customer’s model. With the sceanrio described above, the Alter Script contains changes to all the attributes in the model, even they are identical in all properties.

The reason seems to be the domains in the master model.
The final dialog showing the model differences displays no datatype (empty) for the attributes in the master modell (it should display the datatype of the assigned domain ?!?!), but datatypes in the customer’s model.

With this the Alter Script generates changes to all attributes in the model, allthough this is not necessary.

Are there any options to resolve that problem ?



there is a new option for Oracle and MS SQL models available in the latest BETA version: Force Data Type Comparison. See step Settings in Sync&Convert wizard. This will do what you want.