join between a table an excel file that was imprted

select *

from TBLPROV tp,W:\FL-Tampa-Woodland\RNCBSC\DM[ScriptsRuninTOAD]O\CentineProviderFile\MakeProvNPI.MakeProvNPI` MakeProvNPI mpn

where tp.PROVID=mpm.provid

and mpm.provid=mpn.provid

Please advise thank you

i wrote the following script and get syntax error on part that start with “w:…”-

The statement is missing a ` at the beginning of the path. If it’s just a typo in the posting, are you connecting to Excel? Access? Also, did you write the query by hand or create the statement using the Query Builder? Thanks.


Hi Alan,

thank you for your response

i wrote script from scratch and you are saying the only missing part is to add single quote before w:… path?

I would suggest building the query using the Query Builder. It will handle the syntax for you. If you then want to freehand some of the query, just go to the query tab and type in your additions and then click the ‘Visualize Query’ tool button. This will synchronize your changes with the Query Builder.


Hey Debbie,

thank you for your response i really appreciate

Yes i will do that but i need to link to a second excel file and that the reason for me to write a script


I notice that you have a folder that contains brackets–> [ScriptsRuninTOAD]O

While this is a valid directory it cannot be used in a query execution. Place this file in a different location and debug querying against this file only. Once that is ok, then add the other table.

If you still get an error please attach a screenshot of the error.