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JSON syntax error (conversion Collection type to Clob)

Database: Oracle 19c
Toad version:

t_arc mkc_tp_archive_list := mkc_tp_archive_list();
l_return clob;
select json_object(t_arc returning clob)
into l_return
from dual;

Clob result like [...]

I'm getting a (Toad) syntax check error on above code (conversion Collection type to Clob), whilst this is valid code for Oracle it self (it compiles and works fine). A solution is to add a value ('X'), but this will create a new (unwanted) "layer" in the json result.

select json_object('X' value t_arc returning clob)
Clob result like { "X": [...] }

Got it. Will be fixed whenever you see QP5.dll version 5.369 (or higher) in the code base, should be within 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for reporting!

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Hi Andre,

How (where) do I get the (this) latest version of that specific library QP5?
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Wietze

Hi Wietze,

The library just became available for Toad team to pick it up, so you should see it soon.