Just being curious....

Any idea when TDA v2.7 will be finally released?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

TDA 2.7 is scheduled to be released the last week of Oct. So you don’t have to wait too long:)

Any feature you are focused on?

That’s 3 weeks from now…
Great news, Debbie!!!

Anxiously waiting for new import/export functionalities (awesome job!), named parameters for ODBC (really helpful) and new Automation’s options (one of the greatest TDA’s features).

By the way, is SFTP supported in Automation’s FTP function??? If not, is it in roadmap for future releases??? I think this a great and helpful feature, cause sometimes I need to access Secured-Systems, and our TI’s people sometimes block FTP’s port for security reasons.

Thanks again for the superb job you’re all doing in developing and improving TDA!!! :smiley:

Best regards,

I am glad you are looking forward to the enhancements. All of this coming your way soon. Are you using the Beta to see how it is coming?

I checked on the SFTP. It is CR67880 which is scheduled for TDA 3.0.


BETA is looking good so far… No problems! Just waiting for the final release.

It’s good to know you’ve considered SFTP por TDA 3.0. All our prayers are being heard… and attended :wink: That’s very nice!!!