Keeping focus in editor after execute-current-statement

Frequently – but not always, which is the frustrating part – when I apply execute-current-statement the focus jumps to the “Result Set” or “Messages” window. I would always expect the focus to stay in the Editor at all times after execute-current-statement.

This has become very frustrating particularly as my team drifts slowly back to SSMS due to persistent bugs like these in Toad for SQL Server. devart in particular responded immediately to this same bug in SQL Complete and has largely resolved it in their latest release. But the advantages of Toad are multifold and we would rather the bugs were solved rather than move (back) to SSMS!

  • KJ

Yep, I’ve reported that before. My default is also to just be able to continue to move around the editor, perhaps highlighting another statement I want to run. On the rare occasion when I want to select a result set I’ll just click it.

Maybe have a keyboard shortcut for flipping to the results if that’s what you want, but I also prefer to stay in the editor.

Thanks for chiming in! I was hoping I wasn’t alone …

Yeah, I do have a keyboard shortcut as well to help me flip back to the Editor tab. Otherwise I wouldn’t be alive today to report the bug :slight_smile:

It would all be OK if Toad always shifted focus to the Results or Messages tab, or always kept it in Editor: in the former case I could at least use something like AutoHotKey to add a keystroke to every execute-current-statement to send the focus back to the Editor (not that I think that is a good idea, but at least I could do something). The problem is that Toad is inconsistent in where it sends the focus. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed into a cell by mistake, or simply hit the keyboard shortcut multiple times until I re-located the cursor in the Editor tab.