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Cursor focus jumps to describe window

This has been happening for some time - not just in the latest betas but a colleague raised it with me today and it has annoyed me for ages so I thought I’d raise it.

If I have a describe window open (I almost always have one with several tabs), the cursor focus is always in the describe window rather than the editor window when returning to Toad. Let me elaborate!

In the options, I have Display Style = Stay-On-Top window Outside of Toad; Grouping = All describes are contained in a single tabbed window

  1. Open an editor window.

  2. Write a select statement (select * from All_Tables)

  3. Press F4 on All_Tables (separate describe window pops up).

  4. Click back in the editor window to add a where clause to my select statement.

  5. Press Alt+Tab to have a look at something else (document, application, screenshot etc).

  6. Press Alt+Tab to go back to Toad and continue the where clause…but I can’t without grabbing my mouse and clicking back in the editor window because the focus has jumped to the describe window!

Even if I minimise the describe window at the end of step 3, when I go back to Toad (step 6) the describe window restores itself and gets the focus.

I think the describe window should only ever get the focus if you click into it - all other times it should be the main Toad window that has it.

Any chance you could have a look at that?



Hm, that’s interesting. I’ve never noticed it before. I did notice that if you click the windows taskbar icons to change from one app to another, Toad will keep its focus wherever you left it.

I’ll take a look at it but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to do anything about it.

Yes, so it does - I don’t use the mouse that much; I’m one of those people who tries to do as much as possible with the keyboard so Alt+Tab is always in use!

Thanks for taking a look.

Good Morning Mark & John,

    I had that issue a while back; I unchecked Stay-On-Top to solve it.  The Stay-On-Top has been rechecked and the issue remains fixed.  Alt-Tab to outlook, Alt-Tab back where I was in TOAD.



Thanks Larry but that didn’t work for me. I changed it from “Stay on Top” to “Child Window inside of Toad” but this isn’t how I want my describe window; I often need to see that window whilst I’m using my editor.

I then changed it back and it reverted to the original behaviour: Cursor in Editor window Alt+Tab to Outlook, Alt+Tab back and cursor is in the describe window.

This should be fixed next beta.

Excellent, thanks John. Thought you wouldn’t be able to do anything? :slight_smile:

Me too!

Verified as fixed in - Thanks.

Unless the describe window is minimised - then it restores itself and gains focus! Never mind, I’ll live with that - I don’t minimise the windows very often.

Well, it did that before, so at least I didn’t fix one thing and break another.