left outer join in query builder

I have been trying to join two tables (one is a subquery). Table A has a complete list of part numbers “to buy”. Table B (subquery) has a partial ist of part numbers that have been “bought”. I only want to return a list of parts that have not been bought; so the difference between the two tables.

This seems like a real simple left outer join. I’m using the query builder and asking it to select all part numbers from Table A where the part number in Table B is null. Instead, I’m getting my complete list of Table A.

When I view the SQL code for the query builder, it doesn’t program the query with a “left outer join”. When I type it in manually into SQL, I get the data result I want. But I do most of my queries in the query builder and would like to know if I’m doing something wrong.

I the posting below you can see how to set inner and outer joins in the Query Builder.