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Length semantics in Oracle

Hi All!

I’m working with an Oracle11gR2 physical model in TDM5.1. “Char” is seted as default value for length semantic in model properties. When I add a new attribute in the entity attributes’ grid, this value doesn’t appear as default value. Same in full attribute dialog. Same when generating scripts. Is this the normal behaviour or a bug? I think could be a bug because “char” default value does’nt seem to appear in none of places where expected to be.

Additionally, in atributes’ grid, when I try to set “Char” as p2 value, “Data type parameter must be numeric” error is shown.

Workaround to avoid this is to define default data type values in O11gR2 settings as “Varchar2 - 30 - CHAR”.


Biel B.

Hi Biel,

Toad Data Modeler allows you to specify CHAR, BYTE or Default option for Varchar and some other datatypes.
If you decide to use the Default option, settings that are active in your physically existing database will be used.


Just a short clarification for other community members. If you define second parameter in Settings and create new attribute in grid, correct specification will appear in the grid.

Regarding the grid with attributes: Yes, you are right, there is a bug and the validation should allow users to specify second parameter as char, byte.... We will fix that. CR# 63556



OK! Thanks for your response.

So what’s the purpose of “Length Semantics” property in Model Properties?


Is it merely informative? Or should it be proposed as default value for p2 when defining varchar2 attributes and the like?

Thanks in advance,

Biel B.