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Schema compare with length semantics (byte/char) option

Toad doesn't show the real difference and doesn't generate the appropriate diff script if length semantics option is checked under options|objects|miscellaneous.

I have a table in two different schemas where a column added with different length semantics. Toad should display CHAR or BYTE keywords in Difference Details window, and the Differs By description should be 'columns, length semantics' instead of just 'columns'. If I double click on the row like this I get a diff view without any concrete difference. The show sync script doesn't contains the proper length semantics

If "compare BYTE / CHAR" is unchecked under options, Toad should not apply the byte /char keywords to the create script of tables.

The presence of BYTE/CHAR in the scripts is controlled by Options -> DataTypes -> Include BYTE/CHAR spec when creating DDL scripts. So Check that option and then your side-by-side compare will include BYTE/CHAR.

It should probably be with other script options, but that's where it is.

FYI, if you right-click the table name that shows "columns" as a difference, then choose "select objects related to table", then it will find the column differences for you, and there you'll see "datatype", which is a little more helpful (but I agree that 'length semantics' would be better)