Like comparison - Fuzzy Logic

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Company Name

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Address 1

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Address 2

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Address 3

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Address 4

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Address 5

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Phone Number

, AutoRange_Sheet1.Trading Postcode

FROM {{Odbc(“DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=8BGWG4J;UID=;APP=Toad for Data Analysts;WSID=8BGWG4J;DATABASE=vpmserbak;Trusted_Connection=Yes;PWD={0};,”)}}.“dbo.Contact” Contact, C:\Users\kolson\Documents\Current Work\BulkDataToCleanse\Asian Businesses To Cleanse.xlsx.AutoRange_Sheet1 AutoRange_Sheet1

WHERE (AutoRange_Sheet1.Company Name LIKE Contact.LName)

I have an excel spreadsheet which has company names and addresses and i’d like to compare this against a table in a db which also contains company names but when using the LIKE comparison several records are not being pulled through into the results.

I’ve had a look and it’s all down to the spelling where one organisation has a Limited suffix and the other has Ltd.

Using the Microsoft Excel Fuzzy Logic addin these records are all picked up as they should so i was just wondering if there was any fuzzy logic being used in the Data Compare wizard that i can swithch on\configure or does this all have to be done via the Query screen? If so, any pointer would be much appreciated, query below.

Thanks in advance


SELECT Contact.LName

LIKE is usually used with a wild card but is limited in what it can do. It basically is just an instring function.

Your usecase is truly a fuzzy logic use case. In TDA 3.0 we are adding a window that does find dupliacte records but this is on exact matches. In a later release we will add the fuzzy logic that you need. I can’t say when at this point but we will get there as it is very important to find these types of matches.

For now, (unfortunately) I have no suggestions.


Many thanks for the response, i’ll carry on using the Excel addin for now and hopefully be able to use TDA a bit more indepth when my T-SQL skills have increased!! :slight_smile: